Ignite the Mystery

A 5Rhythms workshop with Emma Leech

Waves Level

This is a 5 Rhythms movement workshop with Emma Leech that explores sensuality, creative expression, and your inner artist with imagination.

We will experiment with movement, open up the Intuitive language of the soul and dissolve into the arms of inspiration and the unfolding mystery of the dance.

The 5 Rhythms map will lead us there. It is a movement laboratory that offers us a world of poetry and transformation.

Dance and paint and write all from the stream of your consciousness, no plans, no rehearsals. We are present in the moment with spontaneous, improvised dances on and off the canvas. Dare to dream.

The workshop is articulated in 3 days

To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong

Mary Stripped of Duty
She paints
Ripe light leaps through her fingertips
Arching angels of deep tissue
Bound by desire
Claim their hue
She empties herself onto the canvas
She is the masterpiece

by Jewel Mathieson

This 5 Rhythms dance workshop is inspired by Emma’s passion for the arts, their healing and transformative potential and her belief that there is an artist within everyone, be it a poet, a writer, a singer, painter, actor, or the poetry of your every day existence?

This will be a 5 Rhythms movement investigation of the intuitive, spontaneous expression of creativity and imagination. The teachings will emerge through the gateway of the dance Chaos, that teaches us how to let go, how to move in the unknown, it is the wild mind embodied.

Your soul will tell you how it wants to be expressed, you simply need to shut up and listen to it” Gabrielle Roth