Colour of Chaos









Colour of Chaos

This is a 5 Rhythms workshop that focuses on the third rhythm of the map ‘Chaos’, how to ‘let go’, saying it is one thing, but surrendering to the mystery and falling away into the depths of our dance to ‘shatter’ is a challenge, the teachings of chaos will open us up, creating empty space, releasing us, grounding this energy to deepen our trust. Chaos is the artist in us, our intuative intelligence heightened.

Napoli – Italy – March 31- April 2

For bookings and to inquire email Massimo

Dubai – May 4-6

For bookings and to inquire email Lina

Mary Stripped of Duty

She paints

Ripe light leaps through her fingertips

Arching angels of deep tissue

Bound by desire

Claim their hue

She empties herself on to the canvas

She is the masterpiece – J.Matheison

This 5 Rhythms dance workshop is inspired by Emma’s passion for the arts, their healing and transformative potential and her belief that there is an artist within everyone, be it a poet, a writer, a singer, painter, actor, or the poetry of your every day existence. This will be a 5 Rhythms movement investigation of the intuitive, spontaneous expression of creativity and imagination. The teachings will emerge through the gateway of the dance Chaos, that teaches us how to let go, how to move in the unknown, it is the wild mind embodied. “

Your soul will tell you how it wants to be expressed, you simply need to shut up and listen to it” Gabrielle Roth