Flight- a movement investigation of Lyrical in Napoli

Traversing worlds of imagination, landscapes of inner and outer connection to dancing space, weightless flight of Lyrical Grace, opening our heart to gateways of gratitude’s embrace.
Flight’s interpretation explored through the lense of the 4th rhythm Lyrical, leaning into our back bone of courage and faith letting go of what is holding us from our dreams, to create the space for new possibilities.

Breaking the Waves

Breaking the Waves

Sunday April 30

12 am-5.00 pm



In this one day workshop we will explore with more depth and structure each of the 5 rhythms, Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical and Stillness. Creativity and movement investigation into the body’s instinctive language, we will experiment with writing, mess around with pastel drawings, it is an experimental movement and art lab. No experience is needed in either dance or art.

Where: Godmersham and Crundale Village Hall Canterbury

Cost: £60 full price or £45 Early-Bird paid by April 9

For bookings email Emma


Notes On A Practice – the series




Notes On A Practice – Rome Italy

The Quadrilogy

This is a series of on-going workshops that can be attended one on its own or all four to create a deeper journey of exploration over the course of a year.

Inquire Massimo



Part one- Body Jazz

May 22-24- Rome

This is the foundation of the embodied movement practice and entrance into the body’s instinctive and artistic expression. Body Jazz is a movement lab that will invite each body part time to be danced, to unfold, to be listened to with focus and attention. Each of the 5 Rhythms has a gateway through, feet, hips, hands, head and breath.

This is suitable for beginners and experienced dancers.



Part two- Shadow Land

September 22-24 – Rome

In this workshop we will investigate the ‘blocks’ to our movement vocabulary and find ways to express through the “shadow’ of the 5 rhythms map, why we sometimes feel inert, stuck, unable to move, tense, our thinking mind is on overdrive, we ‘check out’ of our body, we become distracted, it is a challenge to stay moving and be present.

The only way out to freedom is through these places, when we are aware of our patterns in the shadow we can begin to transform ALL human experience into moving art.


Part Three- A Curious Heart

December 1-3 – Rome

In this workshop we will bridge the physical map of the 5 rhythms practice to the emotional landscape of the hearts’ dance.

The innocence of curiosity will keep us awake and open to all possibility of expression that lies beneath the surface. Time will be given to ground the body in its dance, to then allow the heart to join it fully.


Part Four- Be Amore

February 23-25 2018 Rome

This is a heartbeat workshop, the 5 rhythms investigation into our heart’s dance, all the previous workshops are a grounding and preparation with depth and fine tuning, each part a transition into the next wave that ends with our emotional world a full and rich choreography.

We will follow the dance of each emotion into the next, Fear, Frustration, Sadness, Gratitude and Compassion. We open ourselves to a more embodied heart, a more peaceful and wiser heart.

To attend this workshop you must have completed the previous three parts or have a minimum of 20 hours waves level with an accredited 5 Rhythms teacher.

For Bookings and enquiries

Email Massimo


Live Wire 2- Ritual Theatre and 5 Rhythms in Dubai

Live wire“Delivering one’s self back to the artistic nature of the body. Sculpting spirit into shape, writing soul into story, dancing mind into the wind and tracing the heart home.” Lorca Live Wire 2 is a theatre lab, a dynamic, raw,energetic experimental base where anything is possible.
In the laboratory we illuminate language,uncover gesture and free the mind through our theatrical investigation. We unlock the stories our bodies are longing to tell, articulating the threads of your life.
Live Wire is a ‘plug in’ to creative action, an opportunity to reawakening and sharpen those places in ourselves that need realigning or perhaps rewiring back to what’s most original and true. Getting in touch with the artistic nature of our practice has the potential to takeour vulnerability,vision, awareness and dance to new depths.

Date: Thursday February 9 – 7:30-9:30PM,
Friday February 10 – 12:00-5:00PM
Saturday February 11 – 12:00-4:00PM
Venue: Urban Tribe Studio, Al Quoz, Dubai
Cost: 1150dhs if paid in full by 19th Feb. Regular price: 1350dhs.
Thursday night only 200dhs
Contact: Lina on 00-971 (0)50-450-959