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The 5 Rhythms® and me


Emma is an accredited Heartbeat Level Teacher

In the Heartbeat map of the 5 Rhythms we discover our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked away in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings. We learn to Love and see how badly we want it and need it.” Gabrielle Roth

The 5 Rhythms Movement and dance meditation is my life's work, I am privileged to be able to teach it to such a diverse audience. It has given me witness to the most profound beauty in humanity.

I have been dancing the 5 Rhythms movement meditation practice for over 20 years and trained with Gabrielle Roth the founder to teach in 2001. My commitment and passion for this unique and dynamic healing art  led me to take further advanced study and training to teach the ‘heartbeat’ map of the 5 Rhythms which explores emotion as a dance. Since then I have traveled to different parts of the Globe and London’s suburbs taking the dance to a wide audience of disadvantaged communities and the corporate world in business for well-being. This diverse range of communities has become invaluable in expanding my teaching skills and insight into all walks of life.

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5 Rhythms Waves Level

A Tuesday morning class 10 - 11.30am in Antenna Studios, Crystal Palace SE19...

Funky Friday Monthly

Friday Sept 11th 7.30pm - 9.30pm at The Royston Halls, Penge SE20 7QW...

Canterbury Wave

The last Saturday of every month 12 - 3pm at Godmersham and Crundale Village Hall... ‎



A 5 Rhythms creative dance workshop for children, with face painting and relax kids meditation. 1 - 4pm on Saturday 5th Match, The Royston Club Ballroom, 85 Royston Road, Penge SE20 7QW


In this 5 Rhythms Heartbeat workshop ‘Love’ will be the theme that we explore on the dance floor. The polarities, the many shapes of its face as the dance unfolds us. February 12-14 2016. Rome, Italy


The unravelling – the revealing tale of the feet, the hips, the head, the hands and the breath – an unveiling of the truths discovered through the 5Rhythms, one body part at a time. May 21 – 22 2016. Geneva, Switzerland

Ignite the Mystery

A 5 Rhythms workshop at Wave Level with Emma Leech that explores sensuality, creative expression, and your inner artist with imagination. Dates and Venue TBC

Lionheart- Heartbeat 5 Rhythms workshop

In this workshop we will explore through the map of the 5 Rhythms movement practice the heart's emotional language. June 10 - 12 2016. Godmersham and Crundale Village Hall, Godmersham, Canterbury.

Me and my Shadow

Dates and Venue TBC

Tracks of My Tears

The intention of the workshop is to help your heart’s vocabulary to feel more embodied, and less disjointed, it will be a movement investigation, exploration, an opportunity to tune into feelings, and allow the dance to embrace, receive and transform them into moving art. Dates and Venue TBC ‎

5 Rhythms Reach Out

Emma has taken the 5 Rhythms into communities, prisons and schools with astounding results…

The Dance of Addiction


I have been working with addicts in recovery clinics using the 5 Rhythms Movement and Dance and found it to be a powerful method when used as part of the healing/recovery process.

The 5 Rhythms is a direct route to the truth  freeing the person to connect to themselves on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way.

"I discovered I could make peace with my body through dance, after a lot of sessions with Emma and 5 Rhythms I connected my soul mind and body , for the first time since I was a child to discover who I actually was, the dance put me back together, all the little pieces that my addiction had spread"

The state of mind of an addict is powerful and controlling, the 5 Rhythms works to free the mental neurosis and shift awareness to the body.It is a healing art, not a therapy that connects us back to the essential self, and authenticity of who we are  in the present moment, permission is given to allow our expression to be ‘real’. We learn to transform our suffering into moving art, releasing the held and stuck places in ourselves.

The 5rhythms grounds us, gives expression to pent up old feelings, clears the mind and brings back hope, a sense of well-being and inner peace. The more we dance this wave of energy clearing the way forward to be free from the past and step into the present. We are left with a strong feeling of who we really are and the great potential that lies ahead.

The Physical and spiritual journey of healing and self -discovery begins and we learn to take back control of our lives and live responsibly with more awareness and Freedom from our addiction.

The benefits of 5 Rhythms are:
Body awareness
Stress relief
Raises self esteem
Confidence building
Enhances physical fitness
Physical flexibility
Creative expression
Meditative Dance
Emotional development

5 Rhythms® and Schools


I have taken the 5 Rhythms dance into inner city schools to work with vulnerable young people, the reaction was incredible, the children responded with passion to the dance and over time began to embody the work.

The teachers saw change in behavior from wild unruly to being more settled and focused. The shy, quiet children came out of their shell, the bully’s self-esteem improved and as a class dynamic they became more unified as a group, working and supporting each other in lessons. They began to tolerate each others difference which was the focus of each dance lesson, to bring out individual expression and not be about performing, or being a ‘good’ dancer.

What the children said:

I am writing to tell you that I love your dancing lesson because it calmed my temper down.” Mitchell

I really enjoyed dancing. It helped me to feel confident when people are around me dancing. It made me not be afraid doing anything in front of people. Thank you” Nura

Dancing is my highlight of the week, it has gave me more confidence and that i don't need to be shy dancing in front of other people. I have also learnt that there are many different styles of dancing. Thank you for teaching me.” David

I enjoyed the time dancing with you it has been really helping me to be brave. My confidence and has also made me feel happy. I am starting to get more friends to play with at play time. Thank you very much.” Tevora

If you are interested in booking Emma for workshops at your school please contact her by email

5 Rhythms® and Prisons


‘For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.’ Nelson Mandela

How it began, my Story

When I was a child age 7 my mother gave me a doll’s house hand made by inmates from a prison. She explained the possibility of "why" these men could be locked up  with such dignity and lack of judgment that a compassion for the ‘underdog’ began to kindle in me. The seed of my mission had been 
planted and is now moving through the 5Rhythms into any prison that will open its door to me.

For those of you who have never set foot in a prison, let me share the physical impact: ugly grey walls, security checks, crashing metal barred doors that open up to long
corridors with more locked gates. It’ s an edgy atmosphere, held down with hard eyes; permission for every action is needed. Every smile, every glimpse of human kindness
is noted.

Getting into the prison system to teach the 5Rhythms has not been easy. Digging down to the bottom of my soul for some semblance of “ institutions speak” was the first challenge. Once inside, moving through obstacles is part of my flow. There is no private space in a prison, not even for a movement session. I often end up in the gym creating barriers with mats to help the students feel contained. And then there’ s the inmates themselves, curious, checking me out. Fear is truly alive in the room.